Calling Dental Hygienists

I’m transcribing a market research focus group for dental products, and one of the participants is talking about their intraoral camera, and how they use that to show patients before and after images. She says the following:

“The intraoral camera, it’s mounted right in their face, and you can set it up and show them. We can show them before the cleaning; we can show them after the cleaning. We can show lesions in their mouth; maybe they need to be checked. We’ve got ___ all the stuff we can use on the __, we can pull out stuff and use it in their mouth and show them.”

Where there is ___ , both words sound like “Typeinouts” or Type-and-balance. I would love to turn this in with no ___, but my Google-fu and ADA searching is getting nowhere. Does anyone have a clue what it might be?