Calling in all P.Engs!

My coworker and I decided to go for our Professional Engineer certification (mechanical), and we started now studying for next April’s test (missed the October filing deadline). So, since it’s been like 7 years out of school for both of us, we are jumping into the water one toenail at a time. Our strategy is to read three chapters a week (in order from the beginning) and get together one night a week to work out all the sample problems for the preceding three chapters… So far it has worked good for the first week… At this rate we will have finished the book by November, probably January if we count all the off weeks due to vacation/holidays, etc.

But what do you think is a good study strategy? Go in order? out of order? more chapters? more intense? Less intense? We don’t want to pay to go to a class. What was your home-study strategy and practices that worked for you? Thanks!

Aww comon. I know there’s a buncha yall here!

I can’t speak for the P.E. exam, but I had been out of college for about two and a half years before I took the F.E. for the first time. I used the Lindeburg (sp?) book as my primary review source…I read all the topics and worked the problems based on my comfort level with the material. For example, I spent a lot of time on economics, since it was one of my weak subjects in school, and less time on topics like solids that I encountered frequently at work.

As far as a schedule, I really didn’t follow any of the rigid suggestions given by the book or various websites…most of my reviewing was done on the weekends.

Hm, ok. It seems likely that we will not go in order of the Lindenurg book, but try to replicate the standard school curriculum. Math>statics>dynamics>fluids>thermo>vibes>otherminorstuff.