Calls from Orlando, FL. Anybody else?

Lately, we’ve been getting these calls on a daily basis, which I don’t answer because I don’t know anybody in Orlando. My wife did a reverse look-up of the number and it comes up as being “Time Warner”. However, the comments on the website seem to indicate otherwise. People who answer these calls get a conversation like this: “Hello, is this John Doe?” Person answers “Yes.” Click.

Apparently, they happen at all hours of the day and night. What would be the point of that sort of call? What possible information are they getting other than verifying that it’s your phone number, and what good does it do them?

Nothing that specific, but I have been getting calls (?) or at least a ringing phone which I will answer with my normal “Hello?” (it’s always a question) and there will be no response. I listen for any telltale sounds to try to hear if it might be somebody I know or somebody in trouble or whatever, and it will depend on my mood whether I yell at them or cuss at them or just hang up.

I have even gotten out of bed to answer that sort of thing. Pisses me off.

Keep it under your pillow. :stuck_out_tongue:

It might have been a predictive dialer for a telemarketing company which failed to predict when the next telemarketer would be available.