CalTrans, Turn Off the Damn Sign!

I have to take the 5 Fwy North home from the 10 FWy. Near the transition to the 2 there is one of those signs meant to warn folks about excessive delays, lane closures and Amber alerts. If yuo saw LA Story you would know what I am talking about Fine. Unfortunately, invariably when there is something on the sign the traffic slows to a crawl right up to the sign ad then opens up after it. You’d think folks could maintain their speed and read the couple of sentences, but if they need to slow down then so be it to be safe. Eventually it slows to a crawl as I said and I understand it…as long as it is used for those purposes I mentioned.

But now the stupid fuckers at Caltrans decided that they will inform us of commute times…5 mins to the 134…25 mins to the 118. And yo now what fucking happens? You guessed it , the traffic crawls up to the sign and then…shazazm…it opens up. Probably adds 10 minutes to my commute. It helps nothing! It slows the traffic and infomrs even when there is really nothing but normal rush hour traffic.

So CalTrans, pretty please, turn off the fucking sign.

Maybe if you sing “Doo-Wah Diddy”… :wink:

I’ve never noticed any slowing, then again, it’s San Diego and there are a million of those signs, so you know you’ll catch it elsewhere.

The abbreviations coupled with jamming so much into a limited space make them almost unintelligible. The last one I saw, at first seemed to be saying a little girl named Kia was being driven from Reno on a silver and blue plate.

Plus, I saw one that I swear was using leetspeak. That’s one of the signs of the apocalypse, when CalTrans goes leet, right?

I’ll play Do Wah Diddy if you could only tell me the best time of day for making deep, sustained, booming noises, Dr Rieux.

On the tuba. :smiley:

What it really wants to do is direct.

How about displaying: TRAFFIC WILL SLOW DOWN UNTIL YOU PASS THIS SIGN on the damn things. We have the exact same problem here, in the SF bay area. Around the major holidays, the signs are programed to say: ARRIVE ALIVE, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. I wonder how many accidents are caused by those signs as everyone slows down to read them. Amber alerts I can live with. Vapid little sayings, no.


R U O K ?

Heh. I was driving to Detroit on I-75 just north of the OH/MI state line on Tuesday. Through a single-lane construction zone there were multiple signs admonishing truckers to “Stay in the left lane.”

We had temporary signs around here last year that said “EXPERT DELAYS”. Thank god we won’t have to put up with those amateur ones again.

“How daddy is doing?”

Who’s daddy?

My suggestion: Leave a ton of space between you and the person in front of you as you go through sluggishville. That way, you can take off immediately when they do, not a moment later after you’ve created enough space in front of you. And when it suddenly speeds up again, enjoy that moment as much as possible.

Oh, and:

Maybe you can figure out a surface-street way around that one spot, like get off at one exit and then get on 4 or 5 exits later. I don’t know if it would actually save time, but it’s a definite possibility, I think.