Camera Question

I have a Sony Mavica FD85 digital camera , and it has an RCA jack for a video out, what exactly does that mean. The instruction manual that came with it is for an earlier model of the mavica.


Photographic examples of RCA jacks, both male and female.

It is for video out to TV.
**Sony Mavica FD85 - Characteristics **

“Video out” allows you to send video (or still pictures) to a device that has a video input, such as a TV, VCR, DVD recorder, or computer graphic card.

Pretty much all devices use RCA type connectors for composite video output and input, and pretty much all of them color code their video jacks yellow. Doesn’t matter what color cord you use, just plug into a video input on your favorite TV, computer, or recorder, and look at your pictures on the big screen or record them for later.

Great answer! Just make sure the connectors are yellow on whater you are plugging the RCA cord into and/or says “video in”