Campfire in the back yard

Had one tonight. Still having it, actually. The missus and I put the kids to bed at 8 and I started a fire. We chatted, had a drink (I had a couple beers, SmithWife had a Smirnoff Appleflavourthingy). It was nice. She’s gone in, I’m letting the fire burn down a bit before I dowse it.

Suburban life ain’t so bad.

In the last hour, the stars have “come out”. I can’t even remember the last time I watched that happen. It’s close to full dark and the fire has burned to embers now. There’s some light pollution from my kitchen, though being as close as I am to Boston it makes little difference. It’s been nice to just be outside for a night, though. I feel like I’d forgotten about the stars, in some abstract way.

Next time you are enjoying the evening with a fire and you and the little missus are sipping a cool refreshing beverage - don’t bring the laptop!

Besides, the glare from the screen is ruining your night vision.

I concure, however, that it’s nice being in the suburbs with a fire pit. Sometimes we roast marshmallows, our weird kids don’t like them but we grownups have fun

Our neighbors have a firepit. It’s placed so we can enjoy it too, midway between our houses. Takes me back to my childhood.

How’s yours built? The neighbors have the rim from an old tractor tire as the bottom, and the sides are lined with stones. Not fancy, but effective.

I’ve been burning brush, old firewood and tree trimmings at least once a week since April (I have just…a TON of tree trimmings). I don’t invite people over for the fire, and I usually put it out when the sun goes down because by that time I’m beat.

But finally, last week, I was done. The large 10-year-old pile of wood that had been rotting next to the pit was finally gone (burnt up or cut into smaller pieces and moved). All the bushes I’d wanted to pull out of the backyard were gone. All the trees had been trimmed for the season.

The sun started to set, and I kept the fire going. I had my radio for the ballgame. The big stuff I never thought would burn was burning nicely. The lawn was mowed. I sat outside next to my fire in my lawnchair, all by myself, and let it burn for another 3 hours.

I even remembered I’d bought stuff for s’mores (wishful thinking) and cooked me up a few marshmellows. The air got cold, and my dad came over to enjoy the fire after his shift at work was over. My dog slept between our chairs and warmed her nose by the fire. It was really, really nice.

I thought I was done with the fires for the summer. But now that all the “work” fires are done…I am excited to go out and have a “fun” fire now!

Nothing that cool, just one of these boring and pre-built (and, just an FYI, those metal screen lids get REALLY HOT, so don’t grab them. Ouch!)

In the quest towards the fight of ignorance, I feel it is necessary to inform you that objects in the proximity of heat sources tend in turn to become rather warm.

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NOW you tell me! Jeez, where were you two weeks ago? Huh? Where? Just because a fire had been burning under this metal thing for 45 minutes, why would it still be hot 30 full seconds after I’d set it aside? :smack:

My fingers are mostly healed now.

No, it was only the Evil BlackBerry. :slight_smile: