Can a Jedi fly?

We’ve seen Luke, Obi-wan and Qui-gon take Matrix sized acrobatic leaps, but can a Jedi apply the levitation effect to himself and fly…Superman style?

Since Yoda had to use that levitation thing in the Jedi Academy in Ep 2, I’d have to say no.

Probably…I mean, Yoda lifted a frikin’ X-Wing, and that’s gotta be a few tons, compared to 50 poinds of wrinkly, green flesh. Myabe it’s frowned upon, though. Or maybe the ‘forve’ doesn’t let people actually fly, just extended leaps.

Judging from Anakin’s leap from the sky car in ATOC, It looks like they can perform highly-controlled falls.

Yes, Jedi can “fly.” Albeit it’s more like long-distance levitation. Superman style? Yes, and no. Luke himself flies, but it looks more like he meditated and just lifted up–crossed legs, closed eyes…if he meditated on his stomach with his arms over his head, then yes, Superman style. It’s not so much flying as it is leviation and relocation…he can’t leave orbit and he can’t really go cross-country – though I’m sure if he really trained he could. I suppose it’s all a matter of strength in the Force. Try reading “Heir of the Empire” and the following books in that trilogy for examples.

~Ferry, Jedi in training

So then why was Yoda using that levitating chair thing when he was “walking” down the hall of Jedi Acadamy in Ep 2? Or maybe he was powering the levitation himself, and the chair was there only to keep his green wrinklies from dangling.

No, I think the chair has it’s own power. I always just thought it was to help him walk, much like his cain. But, in this instance, it would be like a wheel chair.

Yep, Yoda’s just really old.


Jedi don’t fly; it’s too hard getting the light-sabre through airport security :smiley:

Scruff, I see your point, but if you’re a Jedi, can’t you simply use a Jedi mind trick?

~Ferry, trying desperately to bite back several examples of Jedi weapon concealment

I’m sure when Ewan McGregor was shooting heroin in Trainspotting he thought he was flying.

Thank you, Bryan Ekers. ::giggle:: You’re so obscure…::hug::


According to the movies, probably not, since we’ve never seen one do it.

According to the books, definitely not. I believe the first explicit mention was in Children of the Jedi: Luke said that applying the Force to one’s own body requires an entirely more difficult level of self-control than applying it to external objects, and thus he could not fly in a situation where it would have been quite beneficial. None of the powerful Jedi and Sith we’ve seen in the material set far before or after the films has featured anyone flying. According to what Luke said, theoretically someone with an even greater amount of Force control than he could do it, but if Vader never figured it out, then it’s unlikely anyone will.

As we’ve seen from the Council, the whole Jedi thing is a pan-species affair. The movies have implied there are tons more Jedi frolicking around the galaxy that we haven’t seen on screen yet. Surely a Jedi from an avian species would be able to fly like the rest of his kin.

Wasn’t Exar Kun more powerful than Vader, or Luke?

I beg to differ, only because I seem to recall Luke flying in some form in the book “Heir to the Empire.” I may be quite wrong, as it has been a while since last I read them, but I seem to recall that he tones his powers to the Force quite greatly, and is able to at least levitate for short distances, ie several miles.


A: You can fly?!?!

SJ:* No! Jump good!* :wink:


So a Jedi could fly if another Jedi levitated him…

Well, yes. We’ve seen Luke “lift” Yoda in SW:TESB. But I still seem to think that Jedi can levitate themselves to a degree that they could at least hover themselves over a town to bypass it. I’ll even concede that you can’t consider it flying, but I still think that Jedi can transport themselves through the air sans aricraf or starcraft (or hang gliders, etc).


Based on the movies, likely not. It’s pretty universally implied that Anakin has the most access to the Force of any known being. Exar Kun, if he exists in movie continuity at all, would have had his midichlorian count on record since he was once a Jedi padawan.

Based on the expanded universe, it’s hard to say. The Force isn’t (usually) depicted as a Dragonball Z scenario where people have “more power” than each other and that’s the end of that. There are various abilities to master: for example, Cilghal can focus the Force into such a small area that she can literally remove dangerous bacteria from a person’s organs, an ability which impressed Luke; Corran Horn can use the Force to become a master pilot and swordsman but can’t levitate a pebble to save his life. Kun seemed adept at controlling the wills of others and using weapons but could have used a greater ability to see the future or protect his own person/disembodied spirit from damage. What can be said for sure is that Kun was never shown flying.