Can a PC read a CD made on a Mac?

I have a Mac. I run Apple programs (obviously), and I run MS-DOS and Windows programs using Boxer and Crossover. My brother only has PCs. I want to put some files (.zip files of DOS and Windows programs) on a CD and give them to him. Will he be able to use the disc or does something else need to happen for it to work? I know my Mac can read discs made on a PC but I don’t know that it will work the other way.

Yes, assuming the Mac is reasonably modern; it should actually say so on the “burn” dialog.

Put the files you want to give him in a folder.
Insert a blank CD/DVD
Right-click on the folder and select “Burn files to disk.”

The resulting dialog should say something like “the files can be read on a Windows or Macintosh computer.”

Excellent. Thanks!