Can a "skullet" ever work for a bald man?

If you have typical male pattern baldness where you can grow side and back of the head hair but not top of head hair can a skullet ever work?

Skullet examples here


Yeesh… None of those work for me.

We had an inside sales guy, probably in his 60s, he wore a skullet. Looked ridiculous, his hair would only get about collar length so he wouldn’t trim it - hoping it would get longer. Just looked scraggly, he fancied himself a sex symbol.


Theoretically, fashion is all subjective. Personally, though, I’ve found that some styles are fine on everyone and will continue to look decent for the rest of time, while certain other styles only seem to look good because the person wearing them are good looking. Later, when we go back and look photos of ourselves wearing those outfits, we wonder what was up - but that’s because we’re looking at average people not models.

For example, if you put Brad Pitt in those oversized 70s sunglasses and a leisure suit, he’ll look awesome in it. Put your average schlub in the same outfit, and he’ll look like awful, regardless of whether everything fits him properly. Similarly, if you put Keira Knightly in some hip-hugger blue jeans, she’ll look great. Put your average woman in them, and you get a muffin top and a person who can’t seem to move quite right, due to fear of her pants falling off.

I’d say the skullet falls in this realm. If you’re Patrick Stewart, you can probably get away with it due to good looks and personal awesomeness. If you look more like Maury Chaykin, you’re probably better off to pass.

And even if you are a male model, it’s still not actually a good look. You’re just able to avoid it looking like a bad look because you’re good looking. So it still might make more sense to go with something else.

I think it sometimes works OK. From the list of pictures in the search link, we have this one of the comedian Gallagher.

Mind you, I don’t think it ever looks better than some alternative. At best, it might rise to the level of “OK”.

I was sure it was going to be Shakespeare.

Two questions:

  1. Are you more than 200 years old?
  2. Do you work in an adult bookstore?

Sure, then all you’ll need is a panel van and a good supply of chloroform.

Thread should’ve been closed after this (correct) response.

Hell, no.

You really need the bumpy forehead to pull that look off.

(And a bat’leth.)

Devin Townsend looked great in the skullet. Unfortunately for the world, he shaved it off. :frowning:

But he’s a strapping young lad.

Big Daddy Mack of the American Revolution was the lone exception.

For everyone else, the answer is No. Ew. God. No… just… no.

That’s funny (to me) because I tried this style for a few years, but in a pony tail. My hair is sort of kinky/curly/frizzy so when I took off the band holding the pony tail together I said I looked like him.

My hair was also fragile and broke easily, so after a while I had to give it up. Now I have it clipped down to 1/8" to 1/4" and life is much easier.

As to how I looked with the pony tail, as far as I know there are no photos available of me during that period, so I can’t really say.

I wore a ponytail for most of my adult life. Eventually, I had to admit that my hair was too thin to support it and that I was headed for a skullet.

Now, I am only longhair75 online. My daughter the hairdresser cut my long hair into what she calls a Caesar cut. I am still thinning pretty rapidly, but no skullet for me.

It works for certain professions.

This one will catch you both coming and going.