CAn a talented writer please move to Denver?

I have caught a few episodes of Around the Horn on ESPN, and I hate the only known Denver sports writer more than ever. I have met Woody Paige, and he is a(modified for non pit) Jerk. Watching him on the show just confirms to me how unqualified he is. Denver is a sports town, how come we have no one literate and knowledgeable in sports in this city? Paige’s only noteriety comes from pissing people off and having to apologize.
I spent a lot of time in Detroit, reading the columns of the God of intelligent sports writing, Mitch Album. Did the art of good sports writing die with the birth of ESPN, or does your city have a guy who is good(the rest of the Around the Horn guys are horrible too,( at least on TV, I have never read their prose))?

(And of course, a guy who can’t capitalize a title correctly(My shift sticks, I swear), and misspells several words is the ultimate authority on writing.)

I could write sports fiction, I guess. I used to live in Lakewood and my 'rents are still in Ft. Collins. So is my sister, now that I think about it…

Is The Rocky Mountain News still around? They had some decent sports coverage.

The Rocky Mountain News has merged with the Post, so it is essentially the same paper now.

The problem is, the good ones leave town for better gigs. Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated lives here, and used to write for both the Boulder Daily Camera and the Denver Post.

Terry Frei is a good writer if you follow hockey (Denver Post).

Tracy Ringolsby is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable baseball writers in the country (RMN), although he is a beat writer, not a columnist.