Can a wireless router be configured as a repeater for existing wireless signal?

Titles says it. Is there any way to set up my wireless router to boost an existing signal? Not as an access point, since I’d have to run the extra cable anyway and defeat the purpose.

What make and model of hardware do you have? Many vendors sell devices that do what you want, but without knowing what brand and model you have it’s impossible to say what will and won’t work.

Sorry to piggy back on the OP. I have a D-Link DI-524. Will that work in repeater mode? The documentation doesn’t mention this capability.

However, I found another D-Link Wireless Access Point that says it has this capability:

AFAIK normally no. There are wireless router setups that will do this, but they rely on slighly different hardware for the “repeat” leg of the signal.

As an alternative, there are aslo routers now with enhanced distance superset protocols beyond G that will (supposedly) give substantialy enhanced range, but these requre both a router and a receiver compatible with the longer range signal protocol, and these are usually about twice as expensive as the regular "G "routers and receivers. These are backwards compatible with B and G so you don’t have to get rid of your current wireless adapters in non-distance challenged locations.

One low cost solution is to build or buy a very focused "cantenna" that will focus a wireless broadcast signal much more directionally than the usual omnidirectional router broadcast signal pattern.