Can a Woman Belch as Loud as a Man?

I’ve been drinking beer all afternoon and just expaitrated a belch a good 3 seconds that sent the cat under the couch.
Question: Does a burp resound from vocal chords or something else down there?
Would a female burp (higher voice and all) sound as loud? Higher pitch?
Yes, I’m a bachelor. :slight_smile:

I’m female. Gimme a couple of cans of Diet Cokes, and I’ll take you on! Long, deep, and loud – you betcha.

Mine can be as low and long as a man’s.

It’s “vocal cords” BTW. :wink:

That sounded…not quite right. :eek:

I’d take Rosie O’Donell over Vernon Troyer (Mini Me) any day in that bet.

Au contraire! I am intrigued. :wink:

To add yet another off-topic post…

My sister has a newborn baby girl. She’s about three weeks old now. I saw her at five days and again at two weeks. This girl is a farter. I mean, she’s a farting machine. But not only that, the farts are amazing. As a newborn, her brother would let out a little “peep peep” from his nether regions, but this girl lets loose the most incredible, resonant, male-sounding farts. A forty year-old ex-footballer would be proud of them. Great big, booming, low frequency rumbles that could potentially result in law suits from neighbours for structural damage to their homes. Passers-by look skywards trying to spot the fighter plane. Truly amazing. And she’s so tiny.