Can a woman eat a small Papa John's or Domino's pizza at one sitting?

I know most guys could do this if they had to, but IIRC women’s stomachs are somewhat (relatively) smaller than men’s. Could a really, really hungry woman or pregnant women polish off a small Domino’s or Papa John’s pizza in one sitting, or say within an hour? Do any female dopers have info (personal experience or otherwise) on this?

Yes, it can be done.

Of course. Just like there are men with smaller stomachs, there are women with larger ones.

I could, absolutely. I can eat as much as my fiancee at one sitting. It’s a matter of your mind over your sense of fullness. :slight_smile:

I’ve done it before…
But I’m a freak, what can I say?

Papa John’s small (10") pizzas range from 535 g and 1155 Calories (cheese) to 686 g and 1735 Calories (six cheese).

Domino’s medium (12") pizzas range from 636 g and 1390 Calories (cheese) to 978 g and 2303 Calories (ExtravaganZZa Feast). Domino’s does not appear to make a “small” size.

Also, apparently, at Papa John’s, one serving is one slice of pizza, but at Domino’s, one serving is two slices. :slight_smile:

I’ve done it. I’ve eaten a medium Papa John’s pizza in one sitting, and I was disappointed at the size of their large when I ordered it after having eaten from smaller joints for a few months.

Papa John’s is soooo good, they should make their pizzas bigger.

Yes! Papa John’s small is very small…


Small? I’ve eaten a large Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust in one sitting! Eating a small pizza would be easy.

Maybe not now but at one time I could have eaten them. Now I can only eat about half a pizza (but we are talking larges here). I used to eat a medium pizza and a bag of crazy bread from Little Ceasers all in one sitting.

Of course if I still ate like I used to I’d be about 50 lbs (or more) heavier… like I used to be.

I can eat awhole pizza in one sitting. I did a few times when I was around 12. Yes, 12. Then I started making the connection that I probably shouldn’t do that, lest it become a habit, and I get REALLY REALLY fat. And I would right now to prove to you that I can, but I’m losing weight right now and do not feel like changing that.

BTW, Domino’s does not make a small size pizza, I quit working there 3 months ago.

I’m bulimic and I could probably eat what you are talking about and more. Granted I purge after… but I think I read some place that bulimic’s stomachs stretch more.

Not recommending this… at all.

A local pizza place offered $100 to anyone who could eat thier 48" pizza in one sitting. I don’t think there was a express time limit, tho I supoose you probably have to finish it before they closed…


I’ve done it. Well, okay, I haven’t, but I’ve come close. I probably could’ve if I’d wanted to, but I was full, so meh.

I’ve eaten entire pizzas many times. The small size at my local pizzeria is about 12 ".

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Holy crap, Angel of the Lord, I just read that as “but I was so full of meth”!
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As for the OP, I’ve never eaten a small pizza in one sitting, but I’m sure I’ve eaten at least that much of other foods in a very short time frame. When I’ve got munchies on the mind, watch out. I may just empty your fridge.

I’ve been known to eat an entire large pizza in one sitting. I don’t recommend it though…

I’m not a female Doper, but

Absolutely not.

Women cannot handle a Domino, or a Papa John. It takes at least an hour to get warmed up, plus a heckuva lot of olive oil. Two hours, minimum, fer the lady folks.


In fact, even a medium.
And the damn breadsticks.

I have no illusions about why I’m overweight…

Yup, I can polish off a small or a medium pizza, if I’m hungry. If I’m REALLY hungry, a large is also no problem.

Cici’s Pizza fears me when I’m hungry.

(And yes, I’m female.)

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