Can Ambient Environmental Smells Affect Flatus Aroma?

This weekend a friend of mine found himself at ground zero of a Mass Boy Scout Model Rocket Launch. He claims that hours of immersion in the sulphurous exhaust cloud generated by one hundred or so rocket launches affected the olfactory quality of his own “Butt Poofs”, making them smell “sulphery”. I suggested that perhaps the origin of his Extraordinary Exhaust was consumption of onions or some other vegetable based sulpher-compoundy foodstuffs, but he’s going with the “I swear I absorbed the smells that subsequently issued from my caboose” line, going so far as to site another instance from his past involving solvents in a metal working shop and his resulting ability to peel paint. I maintain that the same effect can be achieved with a bag of White Castles and a botttle of tequila.

Who “nose”?


Two ideas: Your friend’s olfactory sense was effected by the environment, making eveything smell sulfery to some extent.

Or: The gas cloud had to exit through a filter made of your buddie’s pants; a filter that had been catching sulfer particles for hours.

This week have him go to the flower show.