Odd smell associations/resemblances

Whenever I smell popcorn cooking, my immediate thought is to wonder who pissed on the floor. And when I’m at the urinal I often wonder briefly who is making the popcorn. For some reason popcorn and urine smell very similar to me.

Last night I was at a party and someone asked me to hold their cigarette while they went to the bathroom. When I got home and showered, I noticed my fingers smelled strongly of smoke. I started washing with my citrusy bodywash and noticed that my fingers now smelled like marijuana. Apparently marijuana to me smells the same as tobacco plus citrus.

What odd smell association/resemblances do you all have?

PS: Despite vigorous scrubbing, my fingers still smell smoky the next day. Any remedies out there?

Well, rubbing stainless steel on your fingers after you’ve cut garlic or onions up works - you might want to try that. Do you have a stainless steel spoon or something you could rub your fingers on?

You just have a highly developed sense of smell. I would be willing to bet that coffee and skunk smell alike to you as well as vomit and parmesan cheese. There is really no way to remove the smoke smell from your fingers other than time. Straight lemon juice works for most smells, if you use it right away, don’t know if it will help now, or just add to the smell.

Oh, and FWIW, I always noticed the popcorn/urine association, but never much paid attention to the cigarette + citrus = marijuana. Guess I never had an opportunity to notice the latter. There used to be this fabric softener (I forget the brand) but I bought it once, and couldn’t use it – it smelled exactly like crack cocaine before you light it. I mean, exactly. It was very weird. I ended up giving it away, I just couldn’t walk around smelling like a big old crack rock.

Just to add another odd smell (and taste) association for you – ever notice that the main flavour in Coca-Cola is cloves? :smiley:

I haven’t noticed these yet but I will definitely pay attention next time I’m around any of those :smiley: There was also some chinese dish that reminded me specifically of old woman piss…

If it hadn’t been for the odd coincidence of having held a cigarette (I don’t smoke) and gotten a citrusy bodywash I’m not sure I would have noticed either lol.

lol. Unlike mj which is fairly ubiquitous at parties, I’d think crack would be specialized enough to not be recognized by those who would care.

I always thought the main flavour in Coca-Cola was … uh … cola. I do however detect a strong lemon flavouring in Coca-Cola. I didn’t when I was younger but do now, and that was the sole reason I stopped drinking Coke. (I hate lemon flavouring. Real lemon, fine, but the artificial stuff makes me gag.)

I’ve noticed the Parmesan/vomit connection, though the association isn’t strong enough to put me off the cheese.

I have also noticed the urine/popcorn thing.

Not exactly the same thing but the smell of pina coladas immediately draws to mind the image of dentists. My dentist for the first 21 years of my life used pina colada flavored stuff to numb your gums before giving you a shot of novicane so the whole office smelled like that all the time so the smell brings back memories of dentist offices and fillings.

Perhaps the ultimate example of this phenomenon.

There is a real, legitimate reason why vomit and parmesan smell alike. Personally, while I am not one of those who gags & pukes when others do, the smell grosses me out, but the taste of the parmesan is enough to keep me eating it. Go figure!

I don’t know about the popcorn / urine thing, but Honey Nut Cheerios smell like pee for damned sure.

Yeah, for me, Cheerios (just the regular kind) smell like pee, or vice versa. And while popcorn doesn’t trigger the association, I do think that (at least my kid’s) exclusively breastfed poo smelled like buttered popcorn.

Since smell, coffee, and pee have been mentioned, let me ask - am I the only one with arabica-scented urine after indulging in coffee? Sometimes I feel like a human drip coffee-maker!

BO and cumin smell disturbingly alike to me, so that before getting all hungry over the smell of Indian food, I’d damn well better know for sure that’s the source of the smell, cuz otherwise YECH. Also, check on the cheese/vomit thing. Sometimes it gets to me, other times my overwhelming love of cheese just overrides it.

The preservatives or dough conditioners or something in supermarket-shelf style bagels and some breads reminds me of artificial strawberry flavor/scent.

I once had some decaf Darjeeling that had very strong overtones of latex paint, to my tongue.

Since all I drink one Venti Americano and then boatloads (upwards of 200oz) of water, yes – my urine smells exactly like the coffee for the first two times I pee after drinking it. The rest of the day, my urine has no smell whatsoever (well, ok, there might be some smell, but you’d have to have your face in the toilet to smell it!).

Everyone is mentioning Cheerios – they do smell like urine – that’s why I don’t eat them. Has anyone else noticed that CKOne smells like Fruit Loops?

I have no idea what the connection was but all throughout high school the freshly laundered towels that they handed out after gym class always smelled like frito-lay corn chips.

Now that you mention it, Cheerios always did seem a little off to me–but I still eat them. And yeah, the Indian spices turn my nose off.

Ha! They did - thanks for taking me back about 75 years to those tiny, hot, stinky towels.

My dog’s feet also smell like fritos. I even call him Frito Smallberries occasionally.

I have a bottle of dishsoap by my sink. It is “Fresh Rapids” scent.

It smells like laundry detergent. Or maybe fabric softener.

That’s not how clean dishes are supposed to smell. And it’s darn sure not how fingers which have been used to wash dishes are supposed to smell when bringing crackers or other food to the mouth.

I will be really happy when I have used up this bottle of dish soap.

There’s a perfume that’s very popular with the sorority girls at my school right now that smells almost exactly like the very powerful acid toilet bowl cleaner we used when I did commercial cleaning as a teenager. I really wish I could either remember the name of the toilet cleaner or else I knew the name of the perfume. It’s kind of amusing when one of these girls walks by and I get a whiff and think, “ahh, nice clean toilets.”

We have an incinerator where the pig carcasses go after everything has been harvested. Every now and then someone unfamiliar with our building will come through (it’s rare because every entrance needs a swipe card and for obvious reasons, we have NASA funded experiments I can’t even be in the same wing as while they are going on) and say “Ohhh! Is someone cooking something? It smells so good?” I personally never tell them what’s really going on.

We send our animals out to be incinerated offsite, but we were considering a tissue digestor. I wonder if/how that smells?

To me, tea and roses smell the same. So I can sip my tea and imagine I’m in a rose garden!

Goodness gracious, so it’s not just me:

-Parmesan & vomit, esp. kids’ milky vomit, check;
-BO & Cumin, check;
-coffee & skunk, check (it’s the sulfur compounds, I think)

-tobacco & citrus? what can I say, I have had a remarkably square youth, so I lack the basis for comparison. I’ll keep that in mind, though. The few times I was told I was smelling pot, I thought it smelled like burning leaves in the fall.

-I haven’t found pee to have any smell, though, except after eating asparagus. That is another matter entirely.

To me, popcorn smells like cinema lobbies. It’s a happy smell.