Weird smells that you love.

I love the smell of our walk-in refrigerator at work. It smells so good. It isn’t any particular smell, that gets me, but I guess they all mix together and make one big refrigeratory smell. I get excited when we run out of lemons or Mu-Shu pancakes becuase it means I get to go in the refrigerator and get more. What odd smeel do you love?

Uh… That’s odd smell. Sorry about that?

After you have finished a pint of Guinness and then let the glass sit for a day or so, it dries and leave an absolutely lovely smokey smell in the glass.


Or is that so universally recognized as a good smell that it doesn’t even count as weird?


I like the smell of skunks. Obviously I wouldn’t like it as much if I were covered in it, but driving by a skunk cloud always makes me happy.

And I’d like to second vinegar.

Burning hair.

My dog’s paws… they smell like popcorn. Aka “Frito Feet”


Bug spray.

Boy cat spray…

Napalm in the morning?

Actually, I’ve always likes Ohio Blue Tip matches. And burnt gunpowder.


Ahem. As in the type you put in your car . . . smartguy.

I second that smell. My dog smells like corn chips when she’s a little past due on her bath and I love it. I bury my face in her big thick neck and just smell her.

I love walking down the detergent aisle at the market. All those combined perfumes and chemicals… it just smells so good.

any cycle rider worth a damn will tell you the smell of burnt castor-based pre-mix is pure heaven! (as long as its not mixed with aviation fuel, that really spoils it!)

i like it so much, i run this expensive oil in my chainsaws and weedeaters just for the smell!

if someone made an aftershave that smelled like it, i would buy it!

The smell of burnt dust from when you run the heater, especially the first time of the season.

Lead pensils. You must first bite into them to get the full effect.

Oh dear, I almost forgot the best smell ever, anywhere: ** puppy breath!!! **

I do love the skunk smell too.Everone else thinks i’m wierd. But that skunk smell early in the morning is the best.

A lite skunk smell in the air on an early morning run
sulphur burning
that smell of burnt gas and oil mixture from the boats down on the river

on the opposite
I hate boiling cabbage

Another one for skunk smell.

And WD-40.

Plus, I enjoy the slightest whiff of ammonia every now and then.

Hey, am I weird or what?