"Non-traditional" Favorite Smells


Tire stores > If I could bottle the smell and scent my house I would.
Creosote > The stuff that coats railroad ties and telephone poles (I think that’s what it’s called)


Burnt toast…reminds me of my dad, who liked his toast slightly burnt. Every time I smell it, I think of him.

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Machine oil. My dad always smelled like it. It was like a cologne. The most manly smell I can think of.

Creosote and sawdust, best smells ever.

My own ear wax. Have you tried it? Try it. It’s like becoming aware of your tongue.

Edited: try your own, not mine.

I, too, like the tire shop and creosote, but I can’t take the creosote smell for very long.

Burnt 2-stroke oil at the racetrack. I hope that’s what heaven smells like.

I miss the smell of a tobacco barn or warehouse. Cigarettes are meh, but tobacco (especially processed) smells heavenly. In fact, there used to be a bar in the Memphis airport that allowed smoking. I loved walking by that place (when travelling, of course). Nostalgic.

Hubbys favorite smell is boxwood. It took me a while to figure out what he meant. You mean that bush that smells like a blend of mold and cat piss? Yep. Eww.

Damp dog.

The iron and sweat smell of your hands after playing on swings or monkey bars for a few hours on a hot day. It is similar to, but not exactly the same as the copper/nickle smell of coins clutched in your hand as you run to catch up with the icecream man.

The smell of woolen mittens drying. and also the way the wool would feel squeaky between your teeth when you pulled milts off.

I kind of miss the smell of leaded gasoline. I was just a kid when they stopped making it, but I remember really liking the aroma.

I love the smell of creosote. It always reminded me of summer. The utility poles and the old fort at Heritage Park in Calgary were covered in creosote and I always remember the smell. The smell didn`t offgas in the winter.

LOL - ditto. There is a particular smell that submarine auxiliarymen get from the combination of machine oil and recycled air [or whatever] that I like because mrAru smelled that way when he was active duty so it is a sort of comforting smell. We came across one of his sea bags in the barn recently that still had the smell and I couldn’t resist sniffing it…:smack:

Diesel exhaust. I absolutely hated being near/behind a truck as a kid and getting a whiff of it. Then I became a tanker.

Vinyl pool toys straight out of the package. Reminds me of being a kid and blowing up a new beach ball or raft :slight_smile:

I’ve always wondered what that smell is when I pass through a garden that has it. I hate it.

Some really new books smell great but not as many as in my youth.

Very light rain on dusty pavement. And that smell you get just before it rains.

(I’ve run into people who think you can’t smell impending rain. City folk, to a one. Farm kids know different.)

Love gasoline, but can’t stand kerosene or diesel. Aren’t they the same goop, just from different levels of the cracking plant?

Ah, nice one.

Interestingly it has a name: petrichor