Can Animals Think

pantom, if you read this I will rip your head off!

Many major religions believe that animals are incapable of thinking. I believe that they can think, but I want to hear your opinions.

A while ago, my father was talking about how stupid animals were compared to humans. Now, after he’s had an animal for a year, he is talking about how intelligent animals are. So remember, if you think they can’t think, they may surprise you.

Can humans fly? If you are a falcon or a hummingbird and define flight as what you do, then no. If you are more liberal and define flight as being able to leave the ground under your own power, then humans can fly better than centipedes, but not as well as frogs.

Now, please define “think.”.

I believe your question would be better phrased as “Do animals reason.” Are perhaps you are really asking “Are animals self-aware?” Which animals? Dogs, horses, ants, cockroaches?

I think you need to clarify your question.

Well, obviously some animals can think. Some animals can write posts on message boards, compose sonatas, design space probes to Jupiter, and try to figure out just how much they have in common with other species of animals.

I can fly. In fact, i’ve done it several times. I think humans are probably the best fliers in the world. We are by far the fastest.


Animals may not “think” in terms of using abstract concepts/logic but they have amazingly strong instinctive intelligence.

They also develop some form of behavioural memory - in that they can remember locations of food and types of behaviour that will stimulate their owners to give them food.

Well, I believe some animals can make decisions. Like when my dog looks at the trash, then looks at me, and seems to decide, “Naw . . . better not.” But when I’m gone, he has no qualms about tearing up the kitchen, dragging trash bags all over the place, looking for that one wonderful piece of rotted meat that just has to be in the bottom . . .

And some thinking probably goes on with those wonderful feats you see animals do on the “Pet Miracle” shows you see from time to time . . . you know, the sheep dog that drags the little girl out her flaming three story apartment.

On the other hand, they don’t sit around and contemplate the meaning of life or the nature of God.