Can any viruses be cured?

I was just wondering…

When you think of famous viruses, say, colds, HIV, Herpes, Ebola(?), none of them have an actual cure. I know that some can be controlled with various drugs, and that viruses are tougher than other infections with current medical know-how, but can ANY viruses be cured at this time?

If so, which ones please. Also, why are they harder to cure (if indeed they are and I haven’t got a totally wrong idea!)

Many thanks!

Influenza is cured in advance by building up the immune system via a vaccine. The vaccine gets your bodies defenses ready for the virus, effectively curing it in advance.

A longer thread addresses this very issue already. – Go there and read.

Ah, sorry! The board is running very slow for me today so my searches on the subject fell over.

Anyway, thanks for the replies. I’ll go read that other thread.

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