Can anybody explain WTF is going on in this image?

I’ve seen this GIF animation a few times, and nobody has ever offered a good explanation for what’s going on. What country is it? Why did they throw the bags? What’s the kid saying? Why is the teacher laughing as a kid gets pummeled?

The bags are clearly stuffed with something lighter than books and fluffy (of low density). I’d guess winter coats. This leads me to believe that whatever is happening is staged.

Generally kids do not have backpacks at their desks and ready to throw - zippered shut. The coordinated effect makes it appear as if it were timed. There’s nothing subtle about getting ready to throw a backpack - and if it were full of the normal mass (books) it would be difficult to throw them that far for children of similar age to the subject of the film.

The other hint that it is staged - the fact that it is filmed.

Those facts together make the person laughing (and I’m not sure it’s a teacher or fellow student in the background) unimportant.

Looks like a skit the kids were performing.

Was the teacher laughing? I couldn’t tell.

My first impression is skit or some kind of role play activity.

The fact that the backpacks came in so soon and all together makes it looked staged.

The very first thing I consider when watching Internet videos is, if the reason I’m being shown this wouldn’t have happened would there have been any legitimate reason to film it otherwise.

That was hilarious. I concur with the others.

Why, it’s an homage to the silent film era, invoking the best of Fatty Arbuckle.

I have no idea, but that doesn’t keep me from a good LOL moment.

That person in the background is very clearly not a teacher. it’s not so clear at first, but keep watching all the way through and you can see the neotonous features.