Can anyone explain this website?

All I can say is a big, fat huh?

All starts out normal…but then it goe al wacko. Examples of the wacko text include:

“Unauthorized personnel should know
that I have full license to use any means to
protect the security of these transmissions.”


"Waking up. Stay Awake.
I must compile a list of truths.

I am called the Operator.
I have crash landed.
I must determine the cause of the accident that brought me to this time.
I have undergone severe memory loss.
I must locate any surviving members of my crew.
I have built a primitive network using the tools available.
I must seek the truth.
I hear a jumble of voices in my head."

Not to mention,

My broadcast system is functional and expanding.
I will transmit to my crew daily until further instructions are received”

The short answer is that it’s a tie-in to the upcoming Halo 2 release. Basically, it’s a bunch of back-story about a rogue AI. You can find more details in this Penny Arcade thread.