Can anyone give me the dates of the GHWB and RR school speeches?

In short, my local school system is electing to not show Obama’s speech at all tomorrow.

I own a couple of newspapers and, in all honesty, am good friends with the President of the School Board. In addition, one of my investors happens to be on the school board and Lady Chance is under consideration to get an appointment to the school board.

I am irritated with them. I will express this irritation personally. But I want to see if they allowed the speeches by GHWB and RR to go through. If that’s the case I’m thinking of going live with this as rampant hypocrisy on the part of the school system.

God save people from a righteous newspaperman.

Reagan was mid-November (I’m thinking the 17th) of 1988, and he talked about things like gun control, national security, and tax cuts. Bush was (I think fall) 1991. Both speeches were more partisan than Obama’s.

But somehow, Obama will hypnotize your (generic your) kids and make them socialist Kenyan terrorists like him!

Here’s the text of Reagan’s speech of November 14, 1988 and here is George H. W. Bush’s of October 1, 1991.

October 1, 1991: Bush speech that someone happened to be talking on their FB page

Alternatively, God save people from a righteous school board. :stuck_out_tongue:

Righteous? Is it to laugh. The President of our board, mentioned above, just left my office in a tizzy. He’s gotten multiple calls this morning concerning their decision and parents are angry. He’s got a critical school bond issue on the ballot in seven weeks or so and he’s afraid he’s screwed the pooch.

He wants my help to do damage control. Funny ol’ world.

So did the school board let the students watch the Reagan and GHWB speeches?

Of course, they were white republicans.

Don’t know the answer to that, yet. But we’re trying to find out.