Can anyone help me?

I’m sorry to bring this to the board, but I just made a long distance call and I think I got the wrong number. I was looking for an old friend of mine named Betty. Did I by mistake call anyone here?

Mrs. Rubble says forget it, she gets wrong numbers all the time…

So your voice is “deep, slightly accented with a southern draw”?

It’s just that you already have all the women here swooning over you… do you really need more?

Damn. Nope.

I was crashing on her couch when she got this odd call a while ago. She thought she heard something like a man’s voice but she couldn’t make it out because there was this sound like a giant locomotive or industrial machinery in the backround, so it couldn’t have been you cause you’re a priest or something right?

That was you? You’re in for some pretty serious long-distance charges, fella.

Heavy breathing, something about the colour of my panties… Perv!

Sir, we’ve traced the call…


You do a southern accent real good for a Yankee.