Can anyone ID this flower?

I found a bunch of thesein the woods behind my house (in Maine). The flower itself is about 2" tall, and the whole plant is maybe 7". Anyone know what it is?


Looks like Pink Lady’s Slipper Cypripedium acaule

Yes, it does! Thanks!

And do NOT attempt to transplant them! They’re very touchy, and endangered. They have a symbiotic relationship with a fungus in the soil, and cannot survive without it.

According to Wikipedia, this is wrong on two counts.

  1. Wikipedia (and NatureServe) list them as “Secure” (common, widespread, abundant, and lacking major threats or long-term concerns).

  2. Wikipedia also says that the commonly-believed fungus association is not needed for survival but IS needed for germination.

I’m no plant expert, though, as you can tell by my reliance on Wikipedia.

I’m not planning on transplanting them. They’re growing near a creek in deep shade, I couldn’t replicate those conditions anywhere else in my yard. I just thought they were an unusual wildflower.

Hey … I am SO JEALOUS !!!

Those are WILD ORCHIDS … lucky you! Just don’t make corsages out of them … :smiley: