Can anyone ID this LA Rams football player?

I have a photo that has some family controversy over it. Well not a whole lot really, but no one knows for sure if it’s me, which my father says it is, or my brother, which my mother says it is. Since my mother is dead I can’t exactly ask her.

The player as I’ve been told is the quarterback from the 1973 LA Rams and that’s me as a little kid.

The other story is that it’s some 1980 LA Rams player and that’s my brother.

I was born in June 1973, but the baby is holding his head up. My brother in March of 1980.

I tend to think it’s my brother just based upon the age of the kid. But I would really like to know so I can put this mystery to rest.

What says the Dope. Who is this unknown player?

Use the Internet. That’s why you have it.

The quarterback of the 1973 Rams was Vince Ferragamo. Hereare pictures.

Contact the Rams themselves to see if you can get a team photo of the 1980 squad. I searched for a little while and got bored, so there ya go.

Maybe it’s Pat Haden? He was on the '80 team and the hair seems to match.

well it’s got to be a quarterback, wide receiver or some type of safety/cornerback. no way that dude would have lived on the line, even in those days.

The Prell girl played for the Rams?

I would have looked at the pic, but I don’t have a facebook account.

Actually, in 1973, Ferragamo would have been either a senior in high school or a college freshman. His rookie season (with the Rams) was 1977.

The 1973 Ramsquarterbacks were John Hadl and James Harris. I don’t think it’s either of them, as Hadl was bald by then, and Harris was black.

The 1980 Rams quarterbacks were Ferragamo, Haden, and Jeff Rutledge.

My guess is it’s not Haden. Your guy has a pretty big nose, and Haden doesn’t.

I don’t think it’s Ferragamo, either, just from the color of the hair – though the picture seems to be a bit faded in general, your guy looks to be a blonde. Ferragamo had very dark brown hair.

The guy’s build suggests, if not a quarterback, then a receiver, defensive back, or kicker.

I thought I had made it public and that would make it so anyone could see it.

Here it is again.