Can anyone ID this Muppet sketch?


From searching (I’ve tried variations, but that’s the best spelling of Merdlidop I could find), I’m pretty sure it took place on Koozbane. Or maybe not. I don’t remember much else besides this basic call and response. I’m not even sure what Muppet incarnation it’s from, save that it’s from the seventies/early eighties.

I’d love to be able to send a clip to my niece and nephew – Rhythm Brother taught them well.


Koozbane- haven’t thought of that in ages. Isthis it?

I don’t think so … wasn’t that the one that involved a lot of lonnng drown out whoop whoops? What I’m remembering is much shorter calls and responses.

I absolutely know what you’re talking about, but can’t recall specifics.

I remember the sketch - or I think I do - it involved aliens popping up out of holes (craters) in the ground and making those noises.

try googling koozebane

Yeah! And I think there was fog.

I’ve Googled a lot (koozebane, koozban, koozeban, merdilidop, merdaladop, redrum…) but haven’t yet found the right set of keywords.

The episode was hosted by Dom DeLuise, and the skit occurs after the five minute mark during this portion of the show.



Since we’re already on the subject of the Muppets, maybe someone can tell me what episode had the “Rockin’ Robin” skit. That was one of my faves!

And I’d never seen the “Merdilidop” sketch before–I loved it!

I’m waiting for that link to preload so I can go straight to the sketch. Let’s see how good my memory was… I recall two pinkish or purplish, quite furry aliens, popping alternately out of adjacent craters. The first one made some kind of noise (although I’m surprised that you’ve been trying to search for it in written form, because I only recall it as a sort of mumbled, but consistent four-syllable ‘ma-ma-na-ma’). Then the other alien would pop up and make a sound like a steam whistle. In my memory, the sound was emitted through a hole in the top of his head, but I wonder how accurate that was…

Should be loaded now… off to watch it…

Well how about that! - not as inaccurate as I feared.


The “ma-na-ma-na” bit was different from the “murgladop” bit. “Ma-na-ma-na” was a song, and I believe it originated on Sesame Street, though they might have redone it on the Muppet Show later.

All right, you guys are good with old Muppet-type sketches–can anyone find this one? All I remember was that it was on Sesame Street, probably back in the early 70s. What I can remember of the song went something like this (forgive my faulty memory–this was a long time ago):

Ro did-a flow
Rolled over the o
and the (something) explodes all the O’s
And the crow flies low
past the croaking toad
and the (something) rolls over the ocean
but the wind did blow
and it started to snow
and the goat went home to the telephone
He fixes a bowl
of cold potatoes and soap…

Anyone? I think it was supposed to be a Sesame Street “O” song. I’d love to see it on YouTube.

It was first done on The Ed Sullivan Show.

And it was originally written for a soft porn flick.à_Mah_Nà


When I was eight or nine, my little brother and I saw this on The Muppet Show, and we worked up our own performance of it, probably to the initial delight and eventual irritation of our parents. I’m not sure whether to be amused or horrified at the song’s softcore origins.


Edit: Dammit!

Here, have my favorite muppets:

I certainly wasn’t thinking of the ma-na-ma-na song - it’s just that I heard and remembered the “murgladop” sound as four less than distinct syllables (although the delivery and intonation were exactly what I had in mind).

What I don’t remember at all is the presence of a human in the scene. All I remember is the alternate popping up and calling/hooting.

Hee hee hee! All is forgiven.


Here it is. You had a pretty good memory of it.

A similar one, one of my favourites, is this one.