Can anyone ID this music (early modern fugue) please?

This short extract left me wondering where it came from. It was performed 1967 at the latest, I strongly suspect it comes from a record recreating 18th century (?) fugue-like music. At least this is what my totally untrained ear thinks. :slight_smile:
Who knows, if there are music experts here in this genre, I would be interested (and grateful too of course) to hear what it is. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound like a fugue to me, although I’m no expert.

It does sound like a Classical-era piece. It’s got prominent solo violin and piano parts over an instrumental accompaniment. I don’t know of very many famous pieces with that orchestration, just Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and a concerto for piano and violin by Mendelssohn.

Oh I found it myself now, it was Johann Nepotek Hummel, Austria, 1800s.