Can anyone ID this Twilight Zone-esque story?

A friend of mine remembers an episode in an anthology series about a wealthy older man who inveigles a gigolo-type guy into some unusual games of chance, with unusual stakes attached. One of the games involves being able to light a cigarette lighter three or four times in a row. Seems simple, but the gigolo fails. At that point, the wealthy older man’s wife, who is wearing gloves and has been sitting there watching, pulls off one of her gloves to reveal…

stubs instead of fingers, because the stakes for not being able to light the lighter is having a finger chopped off.

Does this strike a bell with anyone?

It’s in the film “4 Rooms”:

Previously, it was Hitchcocks “Man from the South”:

Man from the South, On Alfred Hitchcock Presents, based on a story of the same name by Roald Dahl.

Also done in Tales of the Unexpected in 1979.

Damn, I love the Dope! beowulff, you rock. I owe you many rounds of the libation of your choice.

I went to the IMDB link, and I can’t tell which segment it is! Tell me! (Segment…heh!)

I thought it was from the Roald Dahl book “The Umbrella Man”

it’s a collection of short, weird stories.

Triple damn! Ya’ll are good!

I read it as a short story in Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected.

Here it is:

Man From The South (ETA: Which, I see, beowulff has already named. Oh well.)

The story was also redone for the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” anthology show revival in 1985.

BTW, this theme was also used (with a twist, of course) in a Steven King story “Quitters Inc.”

…with director John Huston reprising the Peter Lorre chopper role. Cool casting.