Can anyone identify this car model? (Bit of a long shot)

I don’t have a photo of it unfortunately but my brother drew this picture of it some years ago.

It used to lie in the field beside the house my dad grew up in and his brother owned it and I believe my dad learned to drive using it. I found a Ford hubcap lying in the mud beside it one time so I assume it’s a Ford of some type. Anyone able to tell what model it was and what sort of years it might have come out? I had assumed it was '50s, maybe '40s but neither I nor my brother know a whole lot about old cars. The car (and my dad) are long since gone.

This is a total guess, but 1939 ford panel pickup

Actually, looking at that the grill lines are horizontal, not vertical. So probably not.

My guess is a Ford Model B (1932 to 1934).

That was my guess too but I haven’t a pup’s notion really.

The car is pretty obviously pre-war with the fenders and the narrow grille. However, if it is in fact an early Model B, that could be an understandable since the iconic 50’s hot rod of “little deuce coupe” fame was a '32 Ford B coupe with a high output (then) modern V8. Most field cars are worthless, but because of how rare original body and trim parts are after 60 years of enthusiasts picking them over, that old car might have actually been worth something.

Whatever it is, he’s a good artist!

I think this is it exactly, with the 7Y body. You can see a B-pillar in the picture like the drawing, and the 8 at the bottom of the grille is the same as well; it’s also got the bug-eye headlights.

That could have been any number of cars from 1930-1944

My first guess was a 100-series Packard.

The Ford 8 was a British Ford; that picture certainly looks like the sort of British Ford (like the Anglia or Poplar) that my uncle used to drive.

The top of the grille has a noticeably different line to it, though.

I’m thinking Anglia.

The Model B was sold in North America only. If this was in Ireland, it’s almost certainly a Ford of Britain product. Maybe an Anglia, as SanDiegoTim suggests, though it looks more like a Ford 8 (“7Y”)to me. Note the clear split in the center of the grille and the unusually wide front wings.

That’s my favourite guess thus far.

Just realized I spelled grille Commonwealth-style and center in the American style. I am a hybrid dialect, all by myself.

I like this match as well. Note the single wiper, which is on the right side. The wiper itself is missing, but your brother did draw in the wiper mounting stalk in the exact same place as indicated in the photo of the show car.
Good attention to detail. Nice.

First off, what country are you in? My guess would be Anglia as well, and knowing where you’re from would help.

I think the drawing doesn’t have that curve because of its low perspective.

My brother took a look at this thread and reckons the Anglia is correct. It was in Northern Ireland.

Ok, that effectively deals me out of the game. I don’t know British Fords, and I only recognize an Anglia because of the conversion to drag racers here in the USA. Having done a quick Google, I can’t see much difference between the 1938-39 Ford 7Y (suggested by RNATB) and the 1949-53 Ford Anglia E494A. One site told me that the 7Y was renamed Anglia after a facelift in 1940. So we conclude it is a Ford and your brother concurs. We were fortunate that he chose a relatively common car to sketch instead of a Lea-Francis or Alvis.

That is a common style of the thirties.

I’m leaning towards Studebaker Dictator. The tall narrow grill was a signature.
ETA: Ninja’d. Still love the classics.