Can anyone identify this late eighties arcade game?

I used to love playing this game! I think it was around '88 or '89 when I used to see it. It was a tank type game, set on some planet with craters in it. The main feature I remember about it was that it used dual joysticks. I think the joysticks had small buttons on the tops of them. If you wanted to make a right turn, you would move the left joystick forward and the right one backwards, left turns were the opposite. If you moved both joysticks towards the outside (away from each other), the tank would rear up and act like a mortar launcher that fired a shot that was much more destructive, and I think longer ranged than the standard tank shot.

Anyone remember this? If I can find the name, maybe someone somewhere would be willing to part with one, assuming any still exist.

Nevermind, I found it. It was Assault. Now to see if anyone has one to sell.

Here’s a YouTube video of the first level. Man, I miss that game. I’m gonna have to start looking into building a MAME box.

That was one of my all-time favorite games. I only ever saw it in the movie theater lobby of a shopping mall that was always on the verge of going under. That game was there for years. I mourned when they finally got rid of it.

Dude, I seriously lowered my standard of living because of all the cash I put into that game. I loved it and would love to own one.

There used to be one at the Pizza Crossing in Lancaster. Before that it was at Tiki Pool. If GI Depot is still under the same ownership, the manager may know a guy who deals in older arcade cabinet games. Good luck.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that game before. Looks like fun.

I miss arcades.

That was a great game. I played it for about a year until I finally beat it. The MAME port is fun too.

Apparently, Assault is one of the darlings of the Arcade collector community. Here I thought it was just some random game that I happened to latch onto. If I could get that, Cabal, and Altered Beast in my garage, I would be in 16 bit heaven.

Really? I only ever saw the one machine. I thought Galaga was the long-lived winner. They’re still out there in bars and other joints.

And I too miss arcades.

This makes me feel really old but from your description I thought you were talking about Battlezone.