Can AOL members also access accounts from other Web onramps?

Suppose somebody uses AOL dialup as their usual route to the Web, and has an AOL dialup account. If they then get some other Web access, are they supposed to be able to access their AOL account, mailbox, etc by navigating to the AOL page?

Is there any special trick to doing this?

You can get to the AOL features (mail, AIM, news, weather, etc.) at:

Or, you can just get your incoming AOL mail by going to

You can also send mail from your AOL account from that page.

You can use this from any computer, so that if you go to the library in a distant city and they have DSL or something, you can still get to your mailbox.

Originally, if you read mail from another login, you had to check a “Keep As New” box so that you could open it up again when you got home if you wanted to save that mail in your filing cabinet (which is located on your personal computer, not the big AOL box in Virginia).

Recently, they added a “Save to AOL” feature that stores your mail for you, but I don’t know whether that location is on AOL or if they route it to your PC when you log on with AOL, again.

If you get another route to the web such as DSL, you can also get what they call “bring your own access” for about 10 bucks a month. Then you set up a “dialer” in the AOL software to use a network/LAN connection rather than actually dialing.

I used their BYOA for some time years ago when they jacked up their price from $19.95. Wish I had known about it much earlier.
I then used my ISPs DSL access to log onto my AOL account.
One thing I really liked was the drop offs went down to almost zero. I finally got rid of my AOL but if the BYOA is like before I recommend it highly. Am pleased to see the $10 price hasn’t changed.