Can chocolate chip cookies be frozen?

I made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They are yummy, but I’d like to ration them out, so to speak. I considered freezing a portion of the dough in cookie balls, but due to the oddities of my freezer situation decided against it.

Now I’m thinking about freezing the cookies themselves. I can’t imagine why not, but before I risk a significant decline in quality or other problem, I figured I’d ask. If it’s a “no, no, no”, I’ll probably just take most of the rest of the cookies to today’s lab meeting.

Hells Yeah they can! My Mom would make tons of cookies for the holidays and freeze them in ziploc bags. They were just fine.


My mother does this all the time - makes a batch of cookies and freezes most of them. When she wants one, she pulls it out & microwaves it for a few seconds, and it tastes like it just came out of the oven.

Oh, excellent. I’m very glad about that. Thanks to both of you!

I’ve frozen bags and bags of cookie dough before, but not baked cookies.

Are there baked goods that cannot be frozen post-bake? Pre-bake? I can’t imagine freezing anything that’s a batter, rather than a dough, but I could be wrong.

No, no, no! They’re terrible frozen, and lab people HATE chocolate chip cookies! You should bring them all over to my house instead! :smiley:

(Dude, I am still swamped with rugrats Every. Single. Day. I swear we’ll get together soon. For a large enough value of “soon”, that is.)

WhyNot, you are so giving. Truly.

I froze the cookie dough when I made my last batch. I smushed the dough into the mini-muffin tin I had and I wanted to pop them out and just freeze 'em in a bag but I ended up just keeping the tin in the freezer.

They were just as delicious as the day I made them. If you bake them straight from the freezer it takes a bit more time, otherwise I let them dethaw for about 30mins before baking them.

Speaking of baked goods, Alton Brown had an awesome idea for freezing pies. He lined a pie dish with plastic wrap (I think), poured the contents in and froze it. When it was frozen he popped it out and put it in a freezer bag. Then when he wanted to make a pie (fruit in this case) he made the crust, popped in the frozen pie filling and voila! /yum!

I’ve also made cupcakes/muffins and froze them, icing and all…usually rich yummy icings and they all held up well.

Okay, that is an awesome pie freezing idea.

I like freezing dough, but I had no mini muffin tins, and in balls on a cookie sheet wouldn’t have worked with my current freezer set-up.

I’ve frozen muffins before, so I’m not surprised cupcakes can be frozen. However, the icing does surprise me. I’d have figured that would degrade with freezing.

Who needs to defrost frozen chocolate chip cookies? We eat them straight from the bag from the freezer!. Of course, I make small, thin cookies, so they don’t pose a teeth-breaking hazard! And frozen Thin Mints? and those chocolate covered peanut butter ones the Girl Scouts sell but keep changing the name on…those are both incredible eaten frozen!

Oh, man, frozen Tagalongs. Yeah, those are addictive.

That pie freezing idea is great! i wonder if it would work well with apple filling? Would the apples get mushy?

It will work and here’s a recipe.

You can freeze cookies of all kinds.

Whether they’ll be edible afterwards is another matter.

I freeze them. I don’t think they are quite as good, but they are good.

I love Tollhouse cookies without the chips… I can’t get anyone but me to make 'em. Tollhouse cookies with walnuts, no chips.

When I’m making chocolate chip cookies there’s one rule about cookie dough. Steal some if you’d like in the beginning, but when I’m down to the last batch or so, don’t even think about it.

That’s because I also like the cookies without the chips (but no nuts either, I’m not a fan of nuts that aren’t people). This way I can get dozens of cookies to share with others, and at the end there’s always a way to get three or four cookies with no chips out of the end of the dough. It does require tenacious use of a child-cheater, though. It’s worth it.

Well, I have about two dozen in the freezer now. It’s a good thing, because between my roommate and I (mostly me, alas) the other two dozen are gone…

I thought I was the only weird one who liked this! :slight_smile:
I sometimes make them and call them Chocolate Chip Cookie Surprise. Of course the surprise is: there are no chips!

May I highjack a little? I’ve tried to use the dough to make a brownie instead, but can’t get it to come out right. Does anyone have any hints?

Hijack away! What did you change (if anything) to make your bars? My mother reinvents every year a chocolate chip cranberry bar. By reinvents, I mean she never writes down the recipe, she just sort of makes these lovely desserts every holiday season by eyeballing it. Wild.

I didn’t change anything - that’s why I need hints I guess. :slight_smile:

I’m not really a baker or a chef. So I need guidance.

Around here we call them Chocolate Chipless. I’ve taken to baking the first cookie sheet without and then adding the chips to the rest of the batch. If the youngest had her way we’d just leave out the chips altogether.

Oh yes! In fact they are really good straight out of the freezer, just thawed enough to chew. I love cold cookies!