Can Daddy long legs Really get rid of black widdows?

i was told that its a very good thing to keep daddy long legs in your and around your house so is it true?

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If you mean pholcids like this ubiquitous critter, they will almost certainly eat them if they get a chance. However that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically “get rid of them” - just that they will eat them if they get the chance. They’re opportunistic, but in that particular case not a specialist. However since they are a.) harmless and b.) do eat other spiders, they are best left unmolested unless you absolutely can’t abide spiders at all.

Now if you mean these guys, probably not so much. Leastwise I’m not aware of any with that reputation.

Like Tamerlane, I’m referring to the pholcids, the daddy long-legs spiders or cellar spiders, not the harvestmen. I’m in Australia, so our ‘black widows’ are the redback spiders. Same genus, almost identical ecology.

Yes, daddy long-legs are well know for their ability to kill redbacks, and are able to keep the redbacks at arm’s length while they die. I’ve watched daddy long-legs deal with other spiders, and it is those long legs which enable them to do so successfully.

The reason the myth started that daddy long-legs have the most powerful venom of all but can’t pierce human skin is supposed to have been linked to their ability to kill redbacks / black widows. The faulty logic went something like - if daddy longlegs can kill widow spiders and widow spiders can kill us then daddy longlegs must have even more powerful venom than widows. Faulty, because the reaction to venom of another spider is wildly different from the reaction of the human metabolism. That led to the assumption that daddy longlegs can’t pierce the skin because the fangs are too small.

On the Mythbusters TV show they showed that daddy longlegs will bite and can pierce the skin, although reluctant to do so. Last time I checked (a few years ago) there had not been studies on the venom because it has not been known to cause any hassles, so funding doesn’t exist for such a study. Love to know if anyone knows otherwise.