Can dogs predict labor?

When I was pregnant the first time around I had a female client who had her baby a couple months before I did. She told me to watch my dog when I get around my due date and note her behavior because they sense this kind of stuff.

Now completely dismissing this is total hoo-ha, and having my fill of old wive’s tales, I ignored her statement. My son arrived a week early and I didn’t even pay attention to the dog because I wasn’t in the “It’s my due date” time frame. I went into labor at midnight, the day before everytime I went to lay down on the bed to rest ( which was hard to do because my husband was nesting in his own way by expanding our already large deck and the noise level was annoying.) my dog would put her head on my belly ( which is not normal for her. She’s a lay-at-the-feet or at your back kind of dog) She clung to me that day.

Now, I’m wondering if there is any truth to this at all and I always forget to shoot this one at my OB/GYN when I’m there. Ladies, did you notice any changes in Fido’s or Cats behavior around the time you were about to go into labor?

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My cat tends to whine at me to fill his bowl with food before I go to work every morning. Oh! You meant the OTHER kind of labor!

I don’t know about labor, but one of our cats can tell my wife is pregnant.

When our youngest kitten went into heat, our oldest started spraying, even though he’s fixed. After getting her spayed, he quit.

But after my wife got pregnant, he started doing it again. I’m sure he can smell her hormonal change.

I tell you what. Dogs predicting earthquakes, dogs predicting labor, so what?

Give me a dog that predicts the correct lottery numbers, THEN I will set up a study. :wink: