Can drinking alcohol prevent colds?

The last time I had a cold or a sickness of any kind was February 1999 and I never really drank much before that. Since March 1999, I’ve averaged maybe 3 or 4 beers per day and haven’t had even a minor cold since. Is alcohol effective in killing some germs in the mouth that cause sickness or am I just having 7 years of good luck? I’ve even been around plenty of sick people and have sometime shared the same glass, so it’s not as if I I’m OCD about avoiding germs.

It’s good luck.

Plus, If you drink more, you’ll be even healthier. :smiley:

It makes sense - after all isn’t alcohol an antiseptic?

And BTW if you’re going to accept that then by all means you can extend it to not only reducing colds but also heart trouble and any number of other ailments. Though I understand liver function can also be pretty important.

:rolleyes: :dubious:

No. My dad has drank 6-12 beers a day for my entire life and he’s gotten plenty of colds.

Besides, colds can get you through your nose too. So unless you’re also snorting alcohol it’s just good luck.

It can make you not care if you have a cold.

I wish

Alcohol kills germs.

Germs are in your blood.

Drinking alcohol gets it into your blood.

Alcohol kills germs.

You must drink to get better. :slight_smile: If you don’t get better, you’ll be feeling better anyway, so it’s a win-win.

Speaking with my microbiology degree in hand, I’ll just way that’s way wrong on many levels.

Pshaw… damn smarmy scientists with all their fancy answers.

Jesus never had a cold.
Therefore, colds are caused by sin.