Can gas/trapped wind cause breathlessness?

Now I have no other (known) medical conditions.

Yet generally whenever I get gas/trapped wind (usually caused by an over-acidic stomach or indigestion) - I feel a slight, well, tightening up near my chest (not related to the heart - more nearer the lungs when trying to breathe in-and-out). I also feel a little suddenly breathless - like I’m gasping for air or something.

My cousin (who occassionally gets trapped wind too) says that he gets this as well. Neither of us have any breathing/respiratory problems (or have ever had).

I was wondering whether this could be a common symptom of getting trapped wind, and if so, what are the causes of it.

I thought that maybe trapped wind results in wind gushing up the oesuphugus (sp?) from the stomach - thus causing a disruption in the breathing patterns. Or maybe something similiar.

–Please note: We are talking about disruptions to the regular breathing in-and-out pattern. We are NOT talking about heart troubles. For all I know though, this “disruption” could be in our heads.–

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

A friend of mine had this same problem. It turned out to be acid reflux disease. This was discovered after treating him for asthma for several months. ARD can also exacerbate asthma (acid in the lungs).

This is second hand info from a semi-hypochondriac.

Just to clarify: When you talk about “trapped wind”, you’re talking about a “need to burp”, as opposed to a “need to fart”, yes?

I don’t know if you’re joking… but yes - it’s more a need to burp - although farting sort of does come occasionally.

Is that what it is called? Acidic Reflux Disease?

Did it not cause him any symptoms of pain (such as a sore/throbbing stomach etc.)? I ask because it seems odd that he would have this disease without it causing any stomach pain/cramp(s).