Can Geico really save you 15 percent on your car insurance...

That’s not my experience. I’ve had Geico for many years and have had several claims, all handled honestly and without any drama or hassle.

Geico also has LOTS of potential discounts for ordinary things: safe driver, garaged, multi-car, etc. But my favorite: if you own Berkshire Hathaway stock, you get a discount. :slight_smile:


I always hear this as “It very unlikely that Geico could save you more than 15%.” Which is pretty sad. I am sure if I looked around and compromised on some things I could save a whole lot more than that.

What they don’t tell you is that people who didn’t switch saved up to 15% or more by not switching to Geico.

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I tried to switch to Geico but the rate I was quoted wasn’t the rate they started charging me. Progressive is much better!

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… does Floe the Progressive lady really, really like selling insurance?

They can’t save ME 15% or more on car insurance… I got a quote from them a few years ago with no accidents on my record and they wanted TWICE what I was paying Progressive.

I called for a quote a few years ago.

GEICO lady: We can insure your three vehicles for $525.
Me: Wow, that’ll save me $175. I’m paying $700 every 6 months now!
GEICO lady: No, that’s $525 a month.

“Yes! But…”

Were you at fault / in a no fault state? I originally had GEICO, but they dropped me after my first (supposedly my fault) car accident. I think they or possibly other car insurance places occasionally like to pull out of NY entirely, sans grandfathered policy holders.

Every insurer has their own way of calculating rates, so depending on which things an insurance place likes to give discounts for, it’s generally worth getting quotes from everyone to see which place most closely matches your personal data for savings. Probably the majority of insurance carriers could claim 15% savings for any particular person over some other insurance carrier.

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And they also Flo, which is a plus in my book.

In honor of the latest Geico commercial (Can a woodchuck chuck wood - cut to mischievous woodchucks chucking pieces of wood into a pond), I’ve decided to resurrect this thread.
But, please don’t it veer off course again and turn into yet another serious discussion about whether or not Geico really can save you 15 percent on your car insurance.

I love all the crap I get in the mail promising to save me $500, or even $800 per year on my insurance.

I pay $631 per year with Progressive. If you can save me $500 a year, I’d love to see it. Hell, if you can PAY ME $169 (that alleged $800 per year savings), I’d like that even more.

Out of curiosity, I called them once to get a quote.
They wanted about 150% more than what I am currently paying!
End of discussion for me.

I negotiated a pretty good deal with State Farm and, just in comparing rates to others I know here in Las Vegas, I think I have one of the best deals going - $110/mo for two cars! Granted, they are older cars, but it will be pretty hard to beat $55/mo for each car. Service is great, and I even have the free towing service that has come in handy several times over the years.

Can Geico really save you 15 percent on your car insurance?
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Seeing as people still got it wrong right after this, you might consider asking for a title change, or just addendum.