Can Hans Blix be trusted?

A REPORT declassified by the United Nations yesterday contained a hidden bombshell with the revelation that inspectors have recently discovered an undeclared Iraqi drone with a wingspan of 7.45m, suggesting an illegal range that could threaten Iraq’s neighbours with chemical and biological weapons.
US officials were outraged that Hans Blix, the chief UN weapons inspector, did not inform the Security Council about the drone, or remotely piloted vehicle, in his oral presentation to Foreign Ministers and tried to bury it in a 173-page single-spaced report distributed later in the day. The omission raised serious questions about Dr Blix’s objectivity.

why would he try to bury this important little piece of info?


Monday, February 24, 2003

WASHINGTON — Iraq could be planning a chemical or biological attack on American cities through the use of remote-controlled “drone” planes equipped with GPS tracking maps, according to U.S. intelligence.
quess we got that one right

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In the age of supersonic jets, stealth capability, and brilliant weapons, the glorified toy airplane, equipped with GPS and nasty germs, might be one of the most potent weapons around. That is a sucky reality of living in the modern age.

I’ve been following the various drone stories for a while. It only makes sense that other nations would copy our lead in employing them - but perhaps with some different payloads.

But, in the end, delivering biological weapons (forget chemical, even nerve gas disperses and is not contagious) is far too easy. There has been too much research on designer microbes for the last ?70? years. From the Japanese biological warfare units in China, to the US employing the scientists from that crime against humanity, to the huge Soviet germ warfare program, to US corporations allowing the Iraqis to have some germ samples - not to mention any other past or active programs - it has been one big sick mistake that we all may have to pay for now.

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