Can I add another folder to my "send to" options?

And if so, how?

I hope I can phrase this in a way that makes sense.

What I mean is when I right click on an item (file) and the box comes up with options, there is a Send to option. Can I add another folder to this list.

I would like to add My Music folder to this list and also maybe Recycle Bin. This is a small thing that could simply things a bit.

I’m running Windows ME if it makes any difference.


what you want to add is a shortcut, not a folder. And yes you can so it by just placing the shortcut in the wiindows\send to folder

Easy for you to say. Please explain it to me just a little better. How I]exactly* do I place the shortcut in the windows send to folder and where do I start?

Control panel?
My computer?

sailor tipped me off to the “send to” trick some months ago.

Here’s how it works in Win98 (I don’t know anything about WinME).[ol][li]bring up Windows Explorer.[/li][li]We’ll call the object that you need a shortcut for object-needing-shortcut and the folder that contains it original-folder. (The “folder” that contains the recycle bin is the desktop.)[/li][li] Navigate to original-folder. [/li]In the right-hand pane of Windows Explorer, right-click on object-needing-shortcut, then select “create shortcut” from the pop-up context menu.[/ol]The shortcut to object-needing-shortcut is now in original-folder. It’s usually the last entry in original-folder. From there, use the usual methods for moving the shortcut to the “send to” folder.

“From there, use the usual methods for moving the shortcut to the “send to” folder”.

Maybe I am really dense but how do you do this? I mean add items to the “send to folder” Maybe I should say what I want the end result to be and someone can tell me if it can be done.

I send all my downloads to a folder on my desktop so I can keep track of them, rename them or whatever before I send the songs on to my music and the program setups to cd-r. I would like to be able to transfer the songs to the My music folder with as little fuss as possible. If I could add My Music to the send to folder it could be done with a simple right click.

It is just so much work to cut and paste. Maybe I am getting lazy.

I’m not using ME, but you’ll probably find the “send to” folder in C:\Windows\sendto. If not, try the find tool.

Mermaid Here’s the real scoop (for Windows 98)

  • open Windows Explorer and navigate to c:\windows\sendto
  • in the right hand pane, right click on the blank area (not on an existing shortcut)
  • choose “New”, choose “Shortcut”
  • the dialog will now prompt for “Command Line”, type in your folder name, e.g. c: emp
  • click “Next” and then give the shortcut a name like “Send to the Temp directory”
  • click “Finish” You now have a new send to option when you right click on a file

For the Recycle Bin:

  • Show the desktop
  • Right click on Recycle Bin and choose create shortcut
  • a new shortcut to the RB appears on your desktop
  • right click on it, choose cut
  • navigate to c:\windows\sendto
  • right click in empty part of pane and choose paste

Simple way:

click start–>run

type “sendto” in the command line.

click OK

This opens a window with all your send-to shortcuts.

Add any shortcut that you want to.

… previous post continued …

After you have the little sent-to window open:

click file–>new–>shortcut

type “c:\windows\desktop” (sans quotes)

click OK

type “Desktop” into where it says “select a name for the shortcut”

click “Finish”

That’s all there is to it

K364 andAirbeck Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. I tried it both ways and they each worked like a charm.

I love this place:cool:

Glad I could help.

Where else could you get computer tips at 1:30 in the morning?:slight_smile:

oops, sorry my initial response was not clear enough but I see you have already resolved it though. In the “send to” folder I keep shortcuts to all the different graphics, audio, word processing, etc. programs that I might be using because I often use different programs to work on one type of file. I find it quite useful.