Can I ask why EllaBean has been banned?

Was she a sock?

Did she do something wrong?

She admitted to being a repeat guest - though from the looks of it, she didn’t quite understand how the policy worked. Maybe the ops will extend clemency in her case…

Go to her user profile and find all posts by her, and look at the final one.

I hope there is some way she can come back, as I appreciated her viewpoint.

Generally speaking, we’d prefer to keep these kind of inquiries to email.

In EllaBean’s case, she had posted here before pay-to-post was instituted, and thought she had another free month so registered under a new name. If she’s willing to pay up, we’d be glad to have her back. Seems to be an honest misunderstanding of what’s going on.

However, in general, when someone creates a sock and knows exactly what they’re doing, we don’t want to give them additional publicity. Socks and trolls are basically looking for attention, and we want it clear that we’ll (usually) remove their posts and give them no attention whatsoever. Hence, we’d rather deal with emails: posts are just giving them more attention. Don’t feed the trolls.