Can I be in the Dorkusmalorkusmafia?

Can I join please!!! It sounds so cool!

If anyone else wants to apply, post here.

Er, is there a particular reason this should be in the Pit?


Well, I hear their motto is “Have a thought? Why not start a thread about it?” So they’ll probably not only let you join, they’ll make you president.


And now we return you to the continuing story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Oh lord, not ANOTHER one!

Must . . . get . . . attention . . .



Have pie?

See, I really don’t think Ryan_Liam’s a troll–he just doesn’t know what forum to put his shit in, and then never comes back to a thread. This has happened like, ten times in the past two days. Maybe he should have “Instructions for posting on the SDMB” sent to him 100 times or something.

Wow, My first pit thread. I feel honoured even though it doesn’t really seem to be amongst the typical pit nastiness.

Ryan, sure you can join the dorkusmalorkusmafia. Have fun. Vito and Guido will be over to collect the protection money shortly.

I went to school with a guy who had no internal monologue. If he had a thought, he would say it out loud, appropriateness be damned. No matter the situation, location, or present company. It was like having a running commentary of his psyche. Amusing and fascinating when you first met him.

People kind of started tuning him out after a while.

I will come back to threads it’s just that I have to goto college and work…so i don’t have enough time to reply…And ok I do sometimes post shit in the wrong forum and for that I’m sorry.

It’s polite to reply to your own threads, at least not start them and never return. If you don’t have much time to spend here (understandable, many people have busy lives) then I would suggest not starting threads you don’t have time to read.


Actually, I think he’s a top, so the Dorkusmalorkusmafia would have to be in you.



gobear, you have got to stop posting my thoughts before I do…


Bless you Polycarp- that was worth a good laugh.