Can I block emails from all names at a certain email host?

Hotmail allows me to block individual email addresses, but a lot of these scammers will just send me a batch of 100 new emails from different names at the same email host.

If I could just block all emails from “” I’d be less irritated.

Is there a way to do this?

In Hotmail, try going to “Options” (upper right corner) then “More Options.”
Then go to “Safe and Blocked Senders” and select “Blocked Senders.”
From there you can block an address or a domain.

To block an address you would put “” into the box and add it to the list.
To block a domain (anything from put “” in the box and add it to the list.
(In my examples, you don’t type the quotes.)

I found the block page you mentioned- thanks. So now it seems the bummer will be manually typing all of these domains into the little box and adding them to the list, because the only “auto adding” option is just for the individual address at the domain.

What a bummer! I made the mistake of applying for a job on craigslist once. It was an obvious scam and now I get hundreds of these spam emails. They go into my junk box, so that’s good, but I just want to stop the madness!