Can I block one website in Internet Explorer 6?

I don’t mind pop-up ads as much as others, but there is one on that is very annoying. It’s for an “Erotic Casino” site, which has nothing to do with video games.

Anyway, I don’t mind that it pops up, but was wondering if I can put it’s url into explorer somewhere so that when it tries to load it, it puts up a blank site.


You could download pop-up stopper software–there’s loads to choose from–and next time it appears add it to the kill list. I used to use POW! by AnalogX quite happily, but I’d suggest trawling to find the right program for you.

Modify the host file to block that site.

see for instructions:

The Proximatron is a web tool which lets you both block pop-ups and selectively block content from selected sites (as well as quite a number of other useful functions)

Just add to your HOSTS file.
I have about 10,000 lines in my hosts file and it gets rid of most junk, ads etc.

Mike Skallas has kindly provided a host file that gets rid of a huge amount of ad servers. Good place to start from.

Larry, the hosts file I linked to is about 16 times larger than the one you linked to. Much more effective and updated.

I didn’t follow that link, 'cuz I assumed it was just an explanation of how to manually add servers to the file.

Thanks, I’ll grab that!