Can I buy a barrel of Scotch and age it myself?

Sorry - just now saw your question. These are 2 liter barrels, made of new white oak and properly charred. One of the barrels will run you $45 dollars. You can also buy an 18.5 liter barrel, or a 194 liter barrel! The 194 liter job comes filled and delivered to your door! Check it out: (about 2/3 of the way down the page)

I toured the Copper Fox Distillery back in May when my wife and I were vacationing at Shenandoah National Park - that’s when I bought my barrel. The guys who run the place (it’s VERY small) are terrific!.

I know this Aussie distillery does it Lark Distillery but it costs a fortune. You can even do a four day tour where you prepare your own barrel.