An entire barrel of Jack Daniels

Yes, an entire barrel of Jack Daniels single barrel, approximately 240 bottles of your own whiskey. No, it’s not cheap, but damn would that be something to have. The bottles with your name on them, the certificate, and the empty fricking barrel. That they invite you down to the distillery to* pick out yourself*. Damn.

I have been to the distillery and taken the tour, from the one spring they get their water from, to the whole process (except no tasting the finished product, of course!). It is fascinating and I highly recommend it.

They are very cool folks down there.

Oh, I thought they sold the whiskey to you in the barrel. Are barrels for aging only, not long term storage? Or is it a legal thing?

Actually when I heard about this yesterday I was wondering how one got the whiskey out. A ladle perhaps? An old fashioned bung tap? But you choose the barrel that you want, they take the whiskey from that barrel and bottle it up for you, and let you keep the barrel. I’d suppose that’s less mess than trying to submurge your own bottle in an open vat of sour mash to fill it.

They are for long-term storage but I don’t think most people want to pay over 8k for a raw barrel of whiskey. The bottles are for to make it convienent for yourself and to give away to other people.

Kinda cool I guess, but that would be more than a lifetime’s supply for me.

Surely you have some friends who could help you solve that problem?

What? They should kill him?

Don’t give me that look! :: paranoid ::

I have a friend with one. She has a JD tattoo, also. And goes by the moniker “JD <name>”.

She’s 28 and looks like she’s 40 because she drinks about a fifth a day. But the barrel in her kitchen is mighty cool.

Blegh. I’ll have a crab juice.

Now if it was Maker’s Mark, I’d consider it.

Seconded. Absolutely fantastic visit. And amusingly you have to drive about ten miles away to the next county to buy any JD.

…done it myself. Good lemonade and coffee, instead.

And from all the angles of it, I, too, don’t expect to see the company lawyers pushing too hard to ever get the county turned “wet” - I imagine they’re perfectly satisfied with the current state of affairs.

JD’s isn’t the only distiller to do this. I don’t remember the others, but someone could poke around on and find the answer.

BTW, according to a thread in CS some years back, JD’s started watering down their booze.

In October of 2004 they lowered the alcohol content of the black label bottling to 80% ABV from the already lowered 86%. Jack was originally bottled at 90%. This offering of the whole barrel however is the stuff bottled under the name Jack Daniels Single Barrel and this stuff is bottled at a hair straightening 94 proof.

The other benefit is that this stuff usually goes for around $50 for a 750ml bottle, so if you get 240 bottles out of this barrel you’re saving approximately $2400, or in simpler terms it’s like getting 48 bottles of free whiskey, or two free cases.

Perfect for that Guns and Roses member on your Christmas list.

I accidentally an entire barrel of Jack Daniels.

Are you sure those numbers in the first two sentences aren’t supposed to be proof numbers instead of %ABV? Otherwise the last sentence doesn’t make much sense because 94 proof is 47% ABV.

Weren’t you just complaining recently that people kept bringing this up in random threads that had nothing to do with anal sex? Just saying.

On the other hand, if I had 240 bottles of JD, I’d totally mail you one.

Don’t worry…that’s not what “bung tap” means.

Yeah, I was… I just couldn’t resist. :frowning: