Can I buy a solitaire engine to put on a website?

A friend of mine is building a website and he is think about having visitors be able to play solitaire when they visit his site. My thinking is that solitaire games have been around forever and he should be able to pay to use one that already exists. Ideally, he’s love to change the skin of it, but that’s optional. Any idea where one goes to find such a thing?


There are loads of flash solitaire games - and the creators of many such games are perfectly happy to let others either link them or locally cache and embed them in their own sites (usually because they contain a hyperlink back to the author’s site). Not all are like that though, but here’s one that is:

Can I just ask, why? Solitaire is already on every PC and I guess I’m just stumped why anyone would want to put it on their website thinking visitors would want to play it…

Good question. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to answer it. The friend is primarily a client. But we’re well aware of the point you bring up. Suffice to say, it will make sense.

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