What's your favorite flash-based website?

(Other than Hulu.com.)

I have flash disabled on my browser at home (can’t do anything about it at work), and I have an iPhone - I could care less about flash. Yet in all the ipad threads on the intarwebs, I see much gnashing of teeth regarding this.

(Note: Please don’t turn this into an ipad thread. There are plenty of those.)

I guess I’ve just never noticed what I’m missing. What websites do you go to that greatly use Flash for your browsing benefit?

I generally find Flash to be nothing but an irritation. However, there is one exception:

Especially: Bloxorz | Games

Yeah, game sites would be another one. Kongregate is flash, I believe.

Endless hours of stupid fun.

Maybe not the best, but the weirdest: Boohbah Zone.

www.homestarrunner.com, although I hardly ever visit nowadays.

OK. I read that as flesh-based website.

Time to go home.

Me too.

Me three.

Adult Swim’s website. Robot Unicorn Attack is being discussed in other threads, but there are other great games, such as Zombie Hooker Apocolypse, or Five Minutes to Kill Yourself. My Lil’ Bastard I couldn’t ever figure out.

ETA: Bible Fight was great as well, I loved being Jesus smacking Noah upside the head with The Cross.