Can I change the display color of the board on my system?

Is there a way to change the appearance of the board for readability on my end? I want a dark background and light letters. It’s easier for me to read.


Holy crap! You read my mind. I was thinking this exact thing last night.

In Firefox and IE, you can set up a custom style sheet.

In Firefox, there may be a Greasemonkey script that does this for vBulletin. There’s a style called “Darken” you can use with the Stylish extension. The version I have displays gray on black. You may be able to modify it for your own uses or find a different one.

Google these topics for more info.

There was a thread on how to change the background color and default font, but not the text color.

Y’all could PM Dead Badger and/or choie and see if they could post the rest of the fix.

CMC +fnord!

I swear I’ve been on vBulletin boards where it’s a simple setting in the user cp.