Can I convert a blog into pdf format and make it easy to search on my kindle

The blog whole health source is an interesting blog with a few hundred articles on scientific approaches to nutrition and chronic disease.

Is there a way to convert the blog posts into pdf format, put them on my kindle, and have them be easy to navigate through that doesn’t involve converting each article one by one, or involve having a 20 page menu on my kindle?

FWIW, the blog owner says he is ok with copying his work as long as it is attributed and for non-commercial use.

Download Calibre (free program) and convert any text content to .mobi format - then you don’t have to worry about pagination, font size, etc.

If converting to PDF, I found that selecting a 5.5x8 paper size, with 11-point font, was best. There are a number of programs like bullzip.pdf that look like a printer but output a PDF file. Google for pdf printer…

I’m not sure about searching, but Instapaper purportedly will automatically convert a web page to text and send it to your Kindle. It gets good reviews, might be worth a try.

I just tried Instapaper - sent a NY Times article to myself. It worked great! You can definitely search it using the Kindle’s search feature.

I did have to make sure the article was all on one page instead of paginated, but other than that, it worked like a charm.

I can see myself starting to use this - I’m always coming across articles that I read the first few paragraphs, get into it, then see that it goes on for 7 pages and I don’t have time to read the whole thing.