Can I daisy chain two hard drives?

If I have two PCs sitting before me, is it possible to electronically “patch” the hard drives together to operate like an extra hard drive? Is there a way to “daisy chain” these two together so I can use them sorta like one drive with a partition? Both PCs have the LPT1 port available as well as USB ports, if this helps.

In short, borrowing some photography terminology, can one PC be the “master” (with monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected) and the other PC be the “slave”?

If it is possible, how can I do this? It seems to me these ports are “two-way” (as opposed to “input” or “output” lines, like a stereo.) But, how do I get my primary PC (master) to recognize and communicate with the secondary PC (slave) just as a second drive? All help would be appreciated!!! Thanx! Jinx!

Just network them. A pair of cards and a transfer cable is 30 - 50. You can map and set up the networked PC drives so each one sees the other drive as another drive letter that will be available for reading data from or storing to as long as the PCs are on and connected.


A: > floppy
C: > hard drive
D: > CD
E: > networked drive of other PC

Not a Master/Slave relationship as such.

Just setup a peer-to-peer network. Then one computer can access resources from the other one (it will not make use of the other PC’s RAM or CPU though). you can however access the other harddrive as if it was in your computer.

What are you trying to accomplish exatly or more specifically do you need the “slave” to operate as fast as a local hard drive? If you don’t mind the lag, you could set up a small network and just map the drive(s) on the “slave” on the main computer. So the main computer could have an M drive which is actually the C drive on the “slave” computer. My guess would be that any attempt to directly link the two computer together by way of an IDE connection would cause the the computer to not even make it to the BIOS self test (infact as soon as you turn the power on it’ll just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.) But I could be wrong.

Yes, it could be done. Time was, you’d use a program called “Lap Link” to make that happen over the parralel (LPT1) port.
I’d reccomend buying a home network kit though, it would probably be nearly as cheap.

I’ve used a USB cable for temporary transfer between computers, and been happy with the result. The USB file transfer cable is quite cheap, and is a handy thing to have lying around. For a more permanent arrangement, network them - the network is a better, more transparent connection, but at around 8 MB/s a USB cable is not too shabby. IIRC, I bought the USB cable for < $20 at Fry’s.